Hildegard von Bingen - Viriditas

Agnethe Christensen - mezzo soprano, gusli, kantele & bell 

Elizabeth Gaver - medieval fiddle, rebec & voice

Hildegard von Bingen - “Viriditas” is a meditative concert exploring the evocative qualities of the medieval modes as expressed through the songs of Hildegard with texts describing creation, the Virgin Mary and the life force “viriditas” or “greenness”.  Hildegard’s songs encompass a wide tessitura from low, dark introspection to jubilant heights. Agnethe, with a vocal range of over two octaves, is able to bring these contrasting songs to life. Elizabeth adds a second voice as a shadow of the heavenly choir.  

“Viriditas” includes instrumental improvisations as well as pieces composed by Elizabeth during her work with the medieval ensemble Sequentia. These are reflections on Hildegard’s texts, some meditative and others lively dances, using fragments of the songs’ melodies. The wire-strung gusli and kantele played together with the gut -strung medieval fiddle and rebec creates a uniquely haunting and earthy soundscape. “Viriditas” works well in collaboration with readings, lighting design, organ improvisations, etc. Their CD, Hildegard von Bingen - Viriditas, will be released in March 2023.

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